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DIY Fabric Wall Art in 5 minutes

This is the most easiest and a simplest way of how to make a fabric wall art. It is far much cheaper than you get in the market and would save you both time and money


DIY way of decorating houses does not always  have to be time-consuming, heavy on the pocket or require having any special skills or mastery in art and crafts. This simple DIY Fabric wall art is very quick to do and as the title says very affordable. You may use a single canvas for your wall or decorate your wall with multiple canvas with different styling/ arrangement patterns. There are many fabrics available in the market. Walmart, Michael’s, Hobby lobby or any craft store have variety of them with plenty of patterns, textures, colors, material and themes. Just grab a fabric you like and get ready to decorate your favorite wall. These canvases may cost more than $ 100 in the market. But this simple DIY will be much cheaper. For me, I made 2 canvases under $ 16 including supplies.


Material Required:


canvas Any size

Fabric – 4 inches more than the size of the canvas or approximately 1.5- 2 inches more than the  canvas on each side.


Fabric glue or heavy-duty stapler or glue gun

A scale (optional) for measuring fabric

Satin Rose flowers (optional)

Step 1

Iron the fabric to remove any creases. Place the canvas on the Fabric facing downwards and measure how much fabric is required to cover the canvas. Measure 1.5-2 inches extra for the fabric to go around the edges of the canvas. Then cut the fabric accordingly.


Step 2

As shown in the picture glue the fabric to the canvas or staple it with heavy-duty stapler. Keep the fabric facing  downside. Then place and adjust the canvas over the fabric facing downside similar to the fabric. Then apply fabric glue around the borders of the canvas.


Step 3

Attach the fabric along the borders where glue is applied and press the fabric for few seconds to ensure that it sticks properly to the canvas. Repeat by applying glue and fixing fabric on all the remaining 3 borders of  the canvas.

Step 4

For the corners fold the fabric the way you would fold for wrapping gifts and then glue it. Move your palm all around the canvas gently to ensure that there are no creases. Then glue all the roses to the fabric.


Step 5

Place one flower in the center and then glue remaining flowers around the first one and then you are done.

Play with different colors. You can use colors according to the season or preference. Also fabrics with cute animal designs, sports cars prints, pink fabric for girls or cartoons on them will be good for your child’s room or nursery. Kitchen walls can be decorated with fabrics that have designs of utensils, mugs, teapots etc. Dressing room can be decorated with fabrics that have designs related to makeup, accessories etc. Infact every room can be easily decorated with the related theme.

Bright colors can be used for the spring. For fall dark colors can be used and similarly golds, reds, greens and silvers can be used for winters or different festive occasions.

Roses can be replaced with glitter alphabets, buttons, flowers, pearls, stencil, quotes etc.

A single large canvas will work as an accent piece for the small wall and multiple canvases with different fabrics can be used for the larger walls. With multiple types of fabric available you can do so much with this DIY and decorate with whatever design you love. Customize these according to your style and you will have a beautiful peace.