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DIY:How to make your own Photo Canvas

Diy photo canvas how to make

  Photo canvases are a great way to decorate your walls with family pictures and pictures with special moments. A single large canvas can be used all alone or multiple canvases can be used to create a gallery wall full of precious memories. It is also an amazing personalized gift idea. In fact I think it is an evergreen gift idea. No matter what the occasion is, if it is someone’s a birthday, anniversary, wedding, Thanksgiving,  Christmas, new year’s, valentine’s day or any other festive occasion. This gift  would never fail. Just take a picture of your loved ones and create a photo canvas. The person receiving gift will surely be swayed by your gift and touched by the personalization in it.


 When we moved into our new house few weeks before, I was looking for some ideas for home décor that could be personalized. I wanted something that would work as a décor and at the same time I could feel some connection to it. At Walmart I saw photo canvases, but the price was starting from 30-70$ each, That felt too pricy for such thing, at least for me. So I thought to make these myself. The benefits for doing this at home is that the result comes out to be very professional, quick to do and easy. It does not require any special skills or talent, and it is much  cheaper than you would buy at the store. For the price of one at a store, you will be able to make 2-3 at home. It is very simple to make and would not take much time. Below I will show you how to make these step by step with pictures. So let’s start with the instructions on how to make photo canvas at home.



Materials required-


1.Blank Canvas- Any size

2.Photo print-  same size of the Canvas

3.Acrylic Paint- Any color you like. I used gold

4.Foam brush

5. Modge podgy


Step 1

Apply paint carefully on the corners of the canvas and let it dry


Step 2

Apply a thin layer of modge podge with the foam brush on the top of the canvas.


Step 3

Place the photo Print on the applied modge podge layer and press it gently  to stick it onto the canvas. Then rub slowly to avoid any bubbles or creases and let it dry. Do not apply pressure as it could leave fingerprints. You can also use a cloth or wear gloves to avoid the same.


Step 4

Apply Modge podge on the photo Print with the help of a foam brush in a thin layer. Do not get intimidated by the modge podge on the photo leaving it white in color. When modge podge dries out completely the photo will be visible again. Move the strokes horizontally first  and then vertically. Let it dry. Repeat applying modge podge for the second time on the photo after the first application dries. After the modge podge dries apply it again for the third and the final time.


Finally the photo canvas is ready. It will be very much similar to the canvas you would buy at any store and much cheaper. Use different sizes of canvas you like. You can also create a lovely picture gallery with several different sized photo canvases or give it as a gift to friends or family.










9 thoughts on “DIY:How to make your own Photo Canvas

  1. This is a great idea! We have our massive printed photos from our wedding gallery and we are thinking of framing it but since they are massive (8 photos) it will be a rip off to buy frames. I like this idea! Thanks for sharing!


  2. These always looked like cool ways to decorate. However you’re so right … 30-70 is a lot. I like how you took us through this step by step. Super informative!


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