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I had been looking around for some good soap dispensers for our kitchen and bathrooms for quite a while, but all failed to live up to my expectations. Few were very beautiful and looked antique, but not worth the price and others were low priced but weren’t that appealing. We moved into our new house some time before and I wanted all my décor and accessories to be modern and classy at the same time. I stumbled upon glitter Mason jar accessories on etsy and decided to DIY these. These turned out to be very beautiful and sparkly. I made 4, each for my 3 bathrooms and one for my kitchen. These worked as wonderful accent pieces too. You could remove the pump and just use the jars with flowers in them as an amazing décor piece. These glittery Mason jars were really eye catching and trust me you need no other décor piece if you have these on your countertops. One downfall of these was that they were a bit messy. These look more beautiful under the light. Now let’s start with the instructions on how to make your own glitter Mason jar soap dispenser. The steps are very simple and quick.


Materials required






Modge podge

Mason jar dispenser pump

Mason jar

Newspaper or rough working sheet

2 Foam brushes

Acrylic gold paint

Top coat or sealer spray


Step 1-

Spread the newspaper or rough working sheet on the work surface to prevent spoiling it from paint and glitter particles. Color the dispenser pump with gold acrylic paint with help of a foam brush and let it dry.


Step 2-

Apply Modge podge with another foam brush all over on the outer surface of the Mason jar.


Step 3-

Quickly sprinkle glitter all over the applied modge podge or Mason jar surface. Sprinkle glitter directly from the bottle or glitter container onto the Mason jar. Do not spread glitter on paper and roll the jar over it that would not come out to be even. Let it rest for some time (around 10 mins or till the modge podge dries).


Step 4-

Tap the Mason jar by holding it from above to remove excess glitter. Do not touch at the surface where there is glitter. Take all the excess glitter for the newspaper or working sheet and put it back in the container for future use. Spray top coat or sealer on the applied glitter surface. And leave it for some time. This helps to minimize shedding of the glitter and avoids the glitter to stick on your hand


Step 5-

Place the dispenser pump on the Mason jar and you are then done with making a glitter Mason jar soap dispenser.




  1. Wow a beautiful diy. I liked it and am sure my cousins would love it they are diy carzy. I am gonna share it with them. It really looks beautiful. I hope they make one for me 😉 :D. Thanks for helping 🙂


  2. I love the look of this jar. Everyone has a mason jar around the house. Recycle and repurpose is where it’s at. You could easily make these for your family and friends and coordinate to their kitchen or bathrooms. What a fun and easy project for anyone!


  3. How creative! I like that you can pick the color as well, depending on the theme of your bathroom. It’s really nice to be able to do something like this, fun too!


  4. That is so funny I actually have a pink one of these on my to-do list! I love how yours turned out! I hadn’t thought of using Mod Podge, I think I was going to use spray adhesive. I hadn’t quite got that far yet lol. Did you have much of a problem with the glitter clumping or anything?


    1. No I just sprinkled glitter directly from the bottle on the modge podge covered Mason jar. Then just tap the mason jar after few minutes so that excess glitter comes off. Only problem you will see that the glitter sticks on your finger when you touch the mason jar. Spraying a sealer will help with that. 😁


      1. AND I think spray adhesive would work same as modge podge, you can try whatever u have readily available


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